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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Granite FAQ

    » Will my granite scratch or burn?

    Granite can only be scratched with an emerald, diamond or another piece of granite. Granite can withstand 3,000 degrees from a blow torch.

    » How do we clean granite?

    Soapy products such as 409 or granite cleaners are recommended. Avoid all use of ammonia, Clorox or Windex with ammonia. These chemicals will not hurt your granite but will remove your seal from the granite.

    » Do I need to reseal?

    It is not necessary as long as you have not stripped your sealer.

    Sinks FAQ

    » How do I clean stains out of a granite or stainless sink?

    We recommend Bar Keepers Friend which you can find at most major retail locations.

    Project Scheduling FAQ

    » How does the communication with RiverCreek Builders work after I have signed a contract?

    From the point of a "signed contract" our office staff will be your point of contact. They will notify you as soon as possible with your impending schedule. All contact with RiverCreek Builders must be through the office at 281-962-4222. Office hours are between 8:30 am-5:00 pm Mon-Fri. After hours and weekend there is an emergency number on the voice mail. For all changes, updates & delays you will be contacted by the office. Please don't hesitate to call with all concerns. Communication means you keeping in touch with us when necessary, as well as us informing you.

    » When given a window of arrival time, what does "9-11" or "3-5" mean?

    This is an arrival time for your contractor. 10:55 or 4:55 arrival is still on time.

    » How accurate is the schedule I am given?

    This is our best possible estimation based on arrival of materials and availability of contractors. We do everything possible to stay on schedule and if there are any changes you will be notified.

    » What is Rob's involvement after contract signing?

    Rob heads our sales and design department and is available to our project manager & scheduler for all clarification. Your remodel is now in the hands of an efficient team, who are in frequent contact with Rob. At this point he will only respond to communication that comes to him through the office.

    Project Scheduling FAQ

    » Does RiverCreek Builders move furniture?

    Because we can take no responsibility for damage, it is preferable that you arrange it privately. If this is not possible, RiverCreek Builders can provide this service for an additional fee based on size and weight.

    » Do I need to be there during my installation?

    No, as long as you provide us with a mean of entry into your home.

    » Am I able to watch the installation?

    Yes, as long as you realize this is now a work zone and all children, pets and etc. must stay out of the work area. We ask that you provide your installers with a respectful distance so they may move around freely. We advise against taking vacation time to be at home because an unexpected change may delay your schedule.

    » What if Rob spoke of an additional design feature?

    Only items clearly listed on his email or contract will be honored, we will be happy to quote any additional features. "But Rob said" is not a basis for the quote or considered as part of the quote. Many ideas are talked about during design meetings but only what is written.clearly in the contract will be considered valid. Please read terms and conditions for more information.

    » May I use these contactors for additional work?

    Only if it is quoted and scheduled through RiverCreek Builders.